VALENTINES DAY PUPPY. Needled de-wormed Vet Health Certified. Both parents are on site and are loving farm rasied family pets .This is the mothers first litter she had 5 big healthy pups, We have a rare Agouti male , he looks more wolf than husky he will be very unique looking and a real eye catcher. He has one blue eye and very playful. The father is a great dog who loves trying to talk when communicating with us , he can say out and I love you and few howls we haven't put words to, but they all mean" gotta treat " .................................................. Agouti (Wolf-like)
Agouti coloured Huskies are equally rare. It is also called "wild coloring". Called Agouti Huskies because of special masks and markings. The mask is always dark, very heavy. (Dirty faced). Pigment extends far down on the dog's body. The last three pictures are of Agouti huskies that I think he may look like. . Please call 691- if interested